Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station[Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory]


  Picture of MADF

Aquaculture Innovation Center (AIC)

MADF Interior Space
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The AIC is designed for culture of both finfish and shellfish. It provides 22,000 sq ft. of interior space and 7,800 sq ft of exterior space (under construction). Two 2,500 gallon-per-minute pumps supply seawater to two 60,000-gallon raw water tanks. Water is then filtered, U.V.-treated and heated to provide a total of 65,000 gallons of treated seawater per day. Two algal culture rooms occupy 2,380 sq ft and are equipped with piped-in air and CO­ 2 . Algae are distributed directly to culture tanks. The interior culture area encompasses 17,000 sq ft, with 7,500 sq ft supplied with both treated and untreated seawater and access to the cultured-algae distribution system. An additional 750 sq ft is set aside as laboratory space. Hot and cold freshwater is available for wash-down. Water from shellfish culture can be reused to provide for tank culture of other organisms.
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