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G&Ts at CS.Nov 15


In early November, the Shellfish Lab was host to a group of familiar faces for a weekend stroll down memory lane.  The crowd came to honor what would be, if he were still with us, the 100th birthyear of Hal Haskin, former director of the shellfish lab that today bears his name.  Dr. Haskin, a Rutgers University undergraduate turned Professor, devoted his life to oyster ecology and was a cherished mentor to countless undergrads, graduate students and technicians who studied under him.  The recent group of visitors, all of whom worked at Rutgers under Hal’s tutelage, came back to the Cape Shore to toast his legacy over a few of Hal’s daughter Betsy’s home-grown oysters, and under a stunning South Jersey sunset.  They returned to old haunts (a pub or two may have been on the itinerary), recalled stories of long days in the field, sorted oysters on Betsy’s Cape May Salts oyster farm during low tide and toured Aquaculture Innovation Center with Mike Deluca.  It was a treat to have such a rich shellfish research genealogy come back to spend time at the lab.  We hope they will come again soon!



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