Jacob Goodwin
Jacob Goodwin
Post Doctoral Researcher
Phone: (410) 330-1502
Mailing Address:
  Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory
  6959 Miller Avenue
  Port Norris, NJ  08349 USA


Ph.D. 2015 University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Horn Point Laboratory

M.S. 2009 Johns Hopkins University

B.S. 2003 University of Maryland, College Park

Research Interests

My research is aimed at addressing questions about the transient larval stage of bivalves. I am investigating image analysis, molecular techniques and Raman spectroscopy methods to see how well each may help to identify specific bivalve larval species. These techniques can then be used on field samples that can better inform certain parameters of particle trajectory models. The models help guide our understanding of where bivalve larvae go so we can have a better understanding of their fundamental ecology and population dynamics. This information helps guide shellfish managers so we can have a more sustainable shellfish population.

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Current Research Project

• Investigating identification techniques for bivalve larvae using PCR, circular polarized light, and Raman Spectroscopy

• Restoration planning for hard clams (Mercenaria mercenaria) in Barnegat Bay: Identifying population sources and sinks

Selected Publications

Goodwin, J.D., E.W. North, and V.S. Kennedy. 2016. Identification of Crassostrea virginica using polarized light microscopy in a mesohaline region of Chesapeake Bay. Journal of Shellfish Research 35(1):157-168.

Goodwin, J.D., E.W. North, and C.M. Thompson. 2014. Evaluating and improving a semi-automated image analysis technique for identifying bivalve larvae. Limnology and Oceanography Methods 12:548-562.

Paynter, K.T., J.D. Goodwin, M.E. Chen, N.J. Ward, M.W. Sherman, D.W. Merritt and S.K. Allen 2008 Crassostrea ariakensis in Chesapeake Bay: Growth, disease and mortality in shallow subtidal environments. Journal of Shellfish Research Vol. 27(3):509-51


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