Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station[Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory]



Eric Powell
(856) 785-0074 ext.4309
Mailing Address
  Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory
  6959 Miller Avenue
  Port Norris, NJ 08349 USA


Ph.D. 1978 University of North Carolina
M.S. 1976 University of North Carolina
B.S. 1972 University of Washington


Research Interests

My research interests include (1) paleoecology and taphonomy with emphasis on the process of preservation and destruction of carbonate skeletal material in marine sediments, (2) population dynamics modeling with emphasis on the modeling of shellfish diseases, genetics-based modeling focused on relating genotype to phenotype and environment, the application of models to estuarine management, and fisheries modeling emphasizing approaches to stock sustainability, (3) fisheries management emphasizing approaches to discard reduction, improvements in survey methods, and evaluation of alternative management approaches, and (4) the interaction of contaminants, parasites and pathologies in bivalve health.


Current Research Projects

•  Evaluating size and bag limits in the summer flounder recreational fishery. (NOAA Research Set-Aside Program)

•  NOAA Status and Trends mussel watch monitoring program (NOAA-Status and Trends Program)

•  Collaborative Research: Field and modeling studies in support of understanding disease resistance in estuarine populations and response to climate change. (National Science Foundation -Ecology of Infectious Diseases Program)

•  Genomic approaches to understanding variation in marine larval recruitment. (National Science Foundation - Biocomplexity in the Environment Program)

•  Mechanisms and rates of preservation of biogenic remains in continental shelf and slope environments. (National Science Foundation - Earth Sciences)

•  Effects of Aureococcus anophagefferens brown tides in coastal lagoon systems: Coupling numerical simulation modeling with field and laboratory studies to determine populations effects on the hard clam Mercenaria mercenaria . (NOAA-Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms Program)

•  Oyster revitalization in the Delaware Bay (Army Corps of Engineers)

•  Oyster stock assessment program. (State of New Jersey )

•  Evaluation of freshwater inflow needs in Apalachicola Bay (State of Florida )

•  Surf clam/ocean quahog hydraulic dredge calibration study (National Fisheries Institute/Clam industry)

•  The influence of disease on oyster generation time and implications for fecundity and habitat maintenance (Sea Grant Oyster Disease Research Program)

•  Research supporting the 2008 summer flounder benchmark assessment (Partnership for Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Science)

•  Statistical analysis of experiments designed to monitor mortality of summer flounder caught in otter trawls in the inshore fishery (Cornell Cooperative Extension)

•  Effects of Flow Dynamics, Salinity, and Water Quality on the Eastern Oyster, the Atlantic Sturgeon, and the Shortnose Sturgeon in the Oligohaline Zone of the Delaware Estuary (Army Corp of Engineers)


Selected Publications

Parsons-Hubbard, K.M., E.N. Powell , A. Raymond, S.E. Walker, C. Brett, K. Ashton-Alcox, R.N. Shepard, R. Krause, and B. Deline. 2008. The taphonomic signature of a brine seep and the potential for Burgess Shale style preservation. J. Shellfish Res. 27:227-239.

Kim, Y., E.N. Powell , T.L. Wade and B.J. Presley. 2008. Relationship of parasites and pathologies to contaminant body burden in sentinel bivalves: NOAA Status and Trends `Mussel Watch' Program. Mar. Environ. Res 65:101-127.

Powell, E.N ., W.R. Callender, G.M. Staff, K.M Parsons-Hubbard, C.E. Brett, S.E. Walker, A. Raymond and K.A. Ashton-Alcox. 2008. Mollusc shell condition after eight years on the sea floor -- taphonomy in the Gulf of Mexico and Bahamas . J. Shellfish Res. 27:191-225.

Powell, E.N ., K.A. Ashton-Alcox, J.N. Kraeuter, S.E. Ford and D. Bushek. 2008. Long-term trends in oyster population dynamics in Delaware Bay : Regime shifts and response to disease. J. Shellfish Res. 27:729-755.

Kraeuter, J.N., J.M. Klinck, E.N. Powell , E.E. Hofmann , S.C. Buckner, R.E. Grizzle and V.M. Bricelj. 2008. Effects of the fishery on the northern quahog (hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria L.) population in Great South Bay , New York : A modeling study. J. Shellfish Res. 27:653-666.

Harding, J.M., S.E. King, E.N. Powell and R. Mann. 2008. Decadal trends in age structure and recruitment patterns of ocean quahogs Arctica islandica from the Mid-Atlantic Bight in relation to water temperatures. J. Shellfish Res. 27:667-690.

Mann, R. and E.N. Powell . 2007. Why oyster restoration goals in the Chesapeake Bay are not and probably cannot be achieved. J. Shellfish Res. 26:905-917.

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Powell, E.N ., K.A. Ashton-Alcox and J.N. Kraeuter. 2007. Reevaluation of eastern oyster dredge efficiency in survey mode: Application in stock assessment. N. Am. J. Fish. Manage. 27:492-511.

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