Emily Scarpa
Emily Scarpa McGurk
Senior Laboratory Technician
(856) 785-0074 ext.4320
Mailing Address:
  Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory
  6959 Miller Avenue
  Port Norris, NJ  08349 USA


B.S. 2004 Rowan University

M.S. 2013 Rutgers University


Research Interests

My research interests are parasitology and pathology, including host-parasite interactions and the influence of environmental or anthropogenic factors. I have been involved in bivalve disease diagnoses for health certifications as well as in various projects including QPX, Dermo, and MSX monitoring and a histological investigation of oyster parasites and pathology in three Chinese estuaries containing oyster species such as Crassostrea ariakensis.

Current Research Projects

• Collaborative Research: Field and Modeling Studies in Support of Understanding Disease Resistance in Estuarine Populations and Response to Climate Change. NSF-Ecology of Infectious Diseases.

• M.S. thesis research: Ciliate Xenomas in Crassostrea virginica from Great Bay , New Hampshire . This study seeks to gather baseline epizootiological data and to characterize both the ciliates and the xenomas that they form so that future research can elucidate the cause and effect of the unusual abundance of xenomas in oysters from Great Bay , NH .




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Ford, S.E., J. Paterno, E. Scarpa, N. A. Stokes, Y. Kim, E.N. Powell, D. Bushek (2011) Widespread survey finds no evidence of Haplosporidium nelsoni (MSX) in Gulf of Mexico oysters. Dis. Aquat. Org. 93:251-256.

Ford, S., N. Stokes, E. Burreson, E. Scarpa, R. Carnegie, J. Kraeuter, D. Bushek (2009) Minchinia mercenariae n. sp. (Haplosporidia)in the hard clam Mercenaria mercenaria: Implications of a rare parasite in a commercially important host. J. Eukaryotic Microbiology 56:542-551.

Bushek, D., B. Landau and E. Scarpa (2008) Perkinsus chesapeaki in stout razor clams
Tagelus plebius from Delaware Bay. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 78:243-247.

Bushek, D., S. Ford, X. Guo, I. Burt, B. Landau, C. Milbury, E. Scarpa and L. Zhang (2008) Field and laboratory studies to understand disease resistance in Delaware Bay oysters and response to climate change. J. Shellfish Res. 27(4):993.






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