HSRL Library Holdings

The library at the Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory holds a variety of documents, including historical records (some dating back to the 1800s), journals, books, reports and theses - many not accessible online. Their titles are listed in a PDF document, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

To search the file, it is best to open it in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Select "Advanced Search" from the Edit menu and type your search word(s) into the box. A list of all instances where the words are found will appear in the Results box. Clicking on a word in the Results box will bring you to the full reference in the PDF document.

These items are available for viewing by researchers and educators onsite and arrangements can be made to visit HSRL by contacting the front office at 856-785-0074 or Angela.White@hsrl.rutgers.edu. HSRL does not offer interlibrary loan, scanning or copying services.

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