Project PORTS Curriculum and Activity Guides

Lessons are designed to address and supplement current national and NJ state curriculum standards, including the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS 2013) and the former, but still widely used, New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in Social Studies. The Project PORTS Curriculum Guide offers a suite of cross-curricular activities and is divided into three main chapters: (1) The Delaware Estuary, (2) The Oyster as a Natural Resource and (3) Oyster Biology and Ecology. Each chapter begins with a primer that presents background information for the educator. The primer is followed by a series of classroom oriented activities and lessons. Copy-ready student worksheets are printed at the end of each chapter. Here you will find printable PDF files of the whole document, of each chapter and of each activity in the Project PORTS Curriculum and Activity Guide.

The Guides are based on "Calvo LM (2008) Project PORTS Curriculum and Activity Guide. Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, as revised in 2014."

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