AIC Admin Building




The Aquaculture Innovation Center (AIC) Administration Building is located on Cape May Harbor, on the north end of Cape May City.
AIC Admin Meeting Room
Roll over the text links to see the AIC Administration Building Meeting Room, Breakout Room, and Kitchen.
It has three offices with a total of 630 sq. ft., plus a 350 sq. ft. meeting room and a 200 sq. ft. breakout room. The included kitchen facilities as well as two dormitory rooms (each with 2 bunk beds) are available for students or visiting researchers. A utility room with shower is accessible from inside and outside of the building. A paved work area at the rear of the building provides space for handling gear and other activities. Directly across the street is access to approximately two acres of intertidal and shallow subtidal sand and mud flats in Cape May harbor (this site is not approved for shellfish harvest).

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