Bivalve Laboratory




The Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory at Bivalve, in Cumberland County, is a 19,000 sq. ft. facility just south of Port Norris, NJ on the Maurice River, a tributary of Delaware Bay. It has 8 well-equipped laboratories for investigations on ecology, microbiology, histopathology, physiology, cell culture, molecular
Bivalve Laboratory
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diagnositics, biochemistry, molecular genetics and cytogenetics. Additional facilities include a library / meeting room, a fully equipped dark room, a large wet laboratory with high-quality running seawater from a 20,000 gallon holding tank, cold rooms, algal culture facilities, docks and a 7-bedroom dormitory, with kitchen, that can house 16 people. Research laboratories are furnished with a variety of microscopes, including an image capture/analysis system, histological processing equipment, laminar flow and UV hoods, automatic gene sequencers (ABI 310 and Beckman CEQ 8000), several thermal cyclers, an MJ real-time PCR system, several DNA and protein gel electrophoresis and detection systems. The laboratory operates a 24 ft. Privateer with a semi-enclosed Delaware Cabin.

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