Outreach and Education

Former Aquaculture Student
Runs Thriving Aquaponic Farm

Rutgers Graduate Cody Parker took HSRL's Aquaculture Class in 2014 with Drs. Guo and Bushek (Jenny Paterno Shinn as the TA). The class piqued his interest and he entered into the field of Aquaponics where plants are grown in water that is fertilized by fish. Cody recently wrote back (see below) to provide an update and recruit some interns from the current course or elsewhere via HSRL connections. Congrats on your success, Cody, and thanks for the feedback.

Hey Drs. Guo and Bushek!

This is Cody Parker, I took your Aquaculture winter course in 2014, my classmates were Joseph Looney, Briana Morgan, and Lauren Huey.
Just wanted to let you know that I am currently operating the largest aquaponics facility in New Jersey. It is a two-greenhouse system, re-circulating 15,000 gallons of water, and growing 5,600 plants, fertilized by 40 3-4' koi fish. I founded Drop The Beet Farms, and I've been running internship programs to help operate my system. We sell organically practiced, aquaponically grown premium greens and herbs for my C.S.A members. I'm currently farming for the January/February Winter Memberships. It's been a blast!
I just wanted to thank you both for hosting this course. It has been immensely helpful to me as I pursue aquaponics, and has also helped me connect with other students. I've had Briana Morgan come and inspect the health of my koi regularly, and Lauren Huey has custom-designed the aquaponics biofilter illustration shown in the video attached. This video shows the logistics of my entire system.

If any of your current students are interested in internships. My contact is Dropthebeetfarms@gmail.com
I am on Facebook and Instagram @ Drop The Beet Farms as well. I have some great pictures on those accounts, if you can help spread the word I'd greatly appreciate it!
Again, thank you so much for teaching such a unique and intensive course. I truly enjoyed and reminisce the time I was there as a student. It was a fantastic experience and has changed my life!!
My farm is at 462 Adelphia Road, Freehold, NJ 07728. If you would ever like to tour the system, it is quite impressive! (I did not design or build the system, I came in a year ago after the original partners left)

Many Thanks,
Cody Parker
Founder-Drop The Beet Farms

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