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Course Number 11:628:317

A 3-credit intersession course taught at the Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory in Bivalve, New Jersey - about 120 miles due south of New Brunswick on Delaware Bay.

Drs. Ximing Guo and David Bushek

The course stresses the role of science in aquaculture. Lectures cover aquaculture production methods, fish and shellfish growth and reproduction, nutrition, genetics, disease control, economics, environmental consequences of aquaculture and public policy issues. Laboratory exercises involve experimental and observational studies of molluscs and fish. The course also includes field trips to aquaculture facilities, student-led discussions of research papers, video or slide presentations of selected aquaculture species, and a term paper. This is an intensive course. Lectures, discussion sessions, and laboratory exercises occupy the entire day, every day. A fee of $200 will be charged to cover dorm, handouts (there is no text) and supplies. Applicants for the course are expected to have a solid background in the basic sciences and must have a special permission number from the instructors to register.

For more information, please contact Drs. Ximing Guo and David Bushek at (856) 785-0074 or by e-mail:

To view the syllabus from the 2018 course, click here.

2018 Aquaculture Class Students
2018 Aquaculture Class

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