Jason Morson

Jason Morson
Laboratory Researcher III
Phone: (856) 785-0074 x4316
Mailing Address:
  Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory
  6959 Miller Avenue
  Port Norris, NJ  08349 USA


Ph.D. Candidate, 2013-present, Rutgers University
M.S. 2007, Hofstra University
B.S. 2004, Rider University

Research Interests

My research interests include population dynamics, stock assessment, and fisheries management. I try to understand how and why fish and shellfish populations change to enable better marine resource management practices.

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Recent Publications

Able, K. W., T. M. Grothues, J. M. Morson, and K. Coleman. 2014. Spatial and temporal variation in winter flounder: Is the decline due to climate change? ICES Journal of Marine Science 71: 2186-2197.

Morson, J. M., E. A. Bochenek, E. N. Powell, E. C. Hasbrouck, J. E. Gius, C. F. Cotton, K. Gerbino, and T. Froehlich. 2015. Estimating the sex composition of the summer flounder catch using survey data. Marine and Coastal Fisheries 7: 393-408.

Powell, E. N., D. A. Kreeger, J. M. Morson, D. B. Haidvogel, Z. Wang, R. Thomas, and J. E. Gius. (2012) Oyster food supply in Delaware Bay: estimation from a hydrodynamic model and interaction with the oyster population. J. Mar. Res. 70: 469-503.

Morson, J. M., E. A. Bochenek, E. N. Powell, and J. Gius. (2012)  Sex-at-length of summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) landed in the party boat sector of the recreational fishery of New Jersey.  N. Am. J. Fish. Mgmt. 32: 1201-1210.

Powell, E. N., J. M. Morson, K. A. Alcox, and Y. Kim. (2012) Accommodation of the sex ratio in eastern oysters to variation in growth and mortality across the estuarine salinity gradient in Delaware Bay. J. Mar. Biol. Assoc. U.K., 93(2): 533-555.

Powell, E. N., J. M. Morson, and J. M. Klinck. (2011)  Application of a gene-based population dynamics model to the optimal egg size problem: why do bivalve planktotrophic eggs vary in size? J. Shellfish Res. 30(2): 403-423.

Morson, J.M. and J.F. Morrissey (2007).  Variation in the morphology of the electric organ in the little skate (Leucoraja erinacea) and its possible role in courtship.  Env. Biol. Fishes 80(2-3): 267-275.

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