Shellfish Pathology Services

Diagnostic ServicesThe shellfish pathology group at HSRL can provide the following services to the shellfish research, aquaculture and fisheries, and resource management communities:

1) Histological analyses of bivalve molluscan shellfish.  Standard histological analyses can be completed for most species, although our focus and expertise resides largely with oysters and hard clams. 

2) RFTM analyses for dermo disease (Perkinsus marinus) or Perkinsosis (Perkinsus spp.) in other organisms general.  We offer standard tissue biopsies, including hemolymph, or total body burden analysis as needed. 

3) Molecular genetic analysis for selected pathogens, including  Perkinsus spp., Perkinsus marinus, Perkinsus olseni, Haplosporidium spp., Haplosporidium nelsoni, is also available. 
Additional analyses that can be included or completed separately include:
            Size frequency measurements
            Wet and/or dry weight (for condition indices)
            Sex determination

We can provide one-time health examination for broodstock or seed, or to meet other needs.  Routine monitoring can be arranged to identify seasonal, spatial or interannual trends.  We are an approved shellfish pathology lab for interstate transport by most East Coast states in the US. 

Please contact Dr. David Bushek for price quote and other information.

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