Genetic Analysis Service

The genetics group at HSRL offers the following genetic analysis services to the shellfish research and aquaculture community:

Lab technician running an FCM1) Flow cytometry analysis for ploidy determination. Ploidy determination is important for chromosome set manipulation. It is best accomplished with flow cytometry analysis of relative DNA content. The analysis is conducted with a Partec Ploidy Analyzer, and the service is available to any shellfish or fish species when normal diploid references are provided. 

2) Oyster identification. Oyster identification based on shell morphology is problematic. HSRL has developed a set of genetic markers for the identification of oysters. We can use our marker systems to genotype oysters and check against our reference database. Our marker systems can identify most oyster species, and distinguish eastern oysters from Atlantic and Gulf populations.

3) Genotyping service. HSRL has a collection of genetic markers (microsatellites and single-nucleotide polymorphisms) for the eastern oyster, hard clam, bay scallops and other marine molluscs. We offer genotyping service for population and pedigree studies. Genotyping will be conducted using an ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyzer.
Please contact Dr. Ximing Guo for price and other information.

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