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Six Rutgers undergraduates, assisted by two HSRL graduate student TAs, attended an intensive two-week Aquaculture course at HSRL during the winter intersession.  The theme of the course, which is taught every other year by Professors Dave Bushek and Ximing Guo, is the scientific basis for aquacultural practices.  Students heard lectures on topics from reproduction and genetics to disease and economics; they found out about the role of an extension agent and how aquaculture permitting functions in New Jersey; they participated in hands-on laboratory exercises where they learned how to spawn and care for larval bivalves, how biofilters work and how to process and diagnose oysters for parasitic infections.  They visited a koi farm, and viewed oyster shucking and packing facilities – and in general came away with a much greater appreciation of how scientific methodology and knowledge – as well as a lot of hard work – can make aquaculture operations successful.



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